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W.C. Henley Quote

Hello Friend!

W.C. Henley has a powerful affirmation Poem, “I’m a Master of my Fate, I’m a Captain of my Soul.” Based on this poem, I created a mini AffirmaJam for you. You can download the mp3 by clicking (or Right click and “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”) the link below.

Click HERE to download your mini AffirmaJams I’m The Master Of My Fate

May this mini AffirmaJam serve you to live your best life, today!

Affirming Your Success!

Irene Boggs

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Los Altos United Church of Christ – AffirmaJams

Hi Friends,

Yesterday was a fantastic day! I was invited out to Long Beach, CA to sing at Los Altos United Church of Christ.

Here, we (Mat and I) were welcomed with many smiley faces and wonderful staff who made us feel right at home. Once everyone settled in, and service started, Pastor Paul Lance Baptized 7 young men and women and welcomed them as new members of the church. Pastor Lance does a fine job of delivering the God’s Word through grounded leadership and loving energy. One wonderful tradition held at this church is that Pastor Lance asks the congregation if they would like to share any “Joys or Concerns”( Joys : accomplishments, Concerns: life troubles or health concerns) where the church may celebrate or pray for the person/family mentioned. What a great practice to have!

Singing at Los Altos UCC

Singing at Los Altos UCC

I was  blessing to share AffirmaJams with this community. Thank you Pastor

Lance for supporting my music and for bringing me

in to your community to sing my motivating songs!


If you are looking to become more involved, Los Altos is always holding new and fun events for it’s community to enjoy.

Blessings to Los Altos UCC.

Thank you for having me!


Los Altos United Church of Christ
5550 E. Atherton Street • Long Beach, CA 90815 • 562-596-6718









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“#That Power” & “Hall Of Fame” Mashup – (Cover) Irene Boggs

My very first cover song!!!
I didn’t know which to choose, so, I made a MASHUP. “#That Power” + “Hall of Fame”.

I was having some audio/visual issues with this project, so, I know there are a few little bumps. However, this process and outcome can only go up from here 🙂

I hope you like it!!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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New Affirmation – Success Tool – Mind Power – AffirmaJams

So I wrote a new AffirmaJams song…Song 10 of AffirmaJams Volume 1.

The song is a Success Tool to provide positive thinking and give you a stronger, more equipped mental chatter… Mind Power!

The lyrics say:
“There was a time when I was doubtin’
There was a time when I was not in
No More, No More!”

In the song, I write about the life of AffirmaJams. And how I didn’t believe that I could make money with my talent. My paradigms were speaking to me so loudly that I had to use the belief of others to believe in me.
It worked!

There is a transition point in the song where I show that I am now in and I am enjoying every bit of it.

The ending phrases are,”I am More, I am More”I can’t wait for you to enjoy this song. It’s my favorite one. Soulful and Raw.

I know you’re gonna love it as much as I do.

Have an AffirmaJam-ed Day!

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Positive thinking for Children

Many people have come to me stating that AffirmaJams has been a great tool for them to keep positive, stay motivated and hold focus on achieving their dream.
The second piece of information they share is that they often listen to AffirmaJams with their children nearby. Their children begin to sing, dance, even learn the lyrics to my songs!
Great Job Parents!!! For influencing your kids with positive music that they enjoy listening to!!

I was searching for a music book online, when I came across this wonderful book by Connie Bowen titled, “I Believe In Me.”

This book spoke to my inner child and my core. I know you will enjoy reading this book to your children. Equip them, now, with the right tools that will help them build a strong foundation of self-confidence.


Check it out below:

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