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The Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude is the state of being that is harmonious with abundance. When we generate a mindset and feeling-tone of gratitude, our hearts and minds become magnetic for love, prosperity, health, and new expansive opportunities.

I don’t know a faster way to feel better than to tune into what we are grateful for.

I created this video below to help you get into a state of gratitude.


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W.C. Henley Quote

Hello Friend!

W.C. Henley has a powerful affirmation Poem, “I’m a Master of my Fate, I’m a Captain of my Soul.” Based on this poem, I created a mini AffirmaJam for you. You can download the mp3 by clicking (or Right click and “Save Link As” or “Save Target As”) the link below.

Click HERE to download your mini AffirmaJams I’m The Master Of My Fate

May this mini AffirmaJam serve you to live your best life, today!

Affirming Your Success!

Irene Boggs

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New Affirmation – Success Tool – Mind Power – AffirmaJams

So I wrote a new AffirmaJams song…Song 10 of AffirmaJams Volume 1.

The song is a Success Tool to provide positive thinking and give you a stronger, more equipped mental chatter… Mind Power!

The lyrics say:
“There was a time when I was doubtin’
There was a time when I was not in
No More, No More!”

In the song, I write about the life of AffirmaJams. And how I didn’t believe that I could make money with my talent. My paradigms were speaking to me so loudly that I had to use the belief of others to believe in me.
It worked!

There is a transition point in the song where I show that I am now in and I am enjoying every bit of it.

The ending phrases are,”I am More, I am More”I can’t wait for you to enjoy this song. It’s my favorite one. Soulful and Raw.

I know you’re gonna love it as much as I do.

Have an AffirmaJam-ed Day!

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If you are looking for an inspirational song that can motivate you to pursue and continue moving in the direction of your dream…
I have a treat for you!

My latest song, “This Is My Life” has been uploaded to YouTube with epic footage of many historic sports events/moments. Get your mind tuned to positive thinking, body motivated to move in the direction of your dream, and soul inspired to be the fullest expression of the being you are!

Check it out below.

If you liked it or were motivated/inspired, I’d love to hear your comments. 🙂

Have an AffirmaJam-ed day!

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Ideas From The Universe – Positive Affirmation


Ideas flow from Universe

Today is the day that I choose to design and create my dreams and goals. I set my intention for my greatest outcome and choose to take action steps for manifesting my dream.

Today’s Positive Affirmation:

“I allow creativity to flow through me. I am filled with Joy and I capture ideas that the Universe places in my conscious mind

so that I can add value and attract clients to my business! And so it is!”

Have a Blessed day!

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