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Affirmation For Preventing The Flu

Prevent The Flu AffirmationIt’s officially the Flu Season!

Help your body and mind keep healthy by repeating affirmations of health and love to yourself, either aloud or in your mental chatter.

A great affirmation to prevent the Flu is,

“With every breath I take and every item I eat/drink, my cells revitalize and renew with pure energy keeping me healthy and vibrant. And so it is!”

Have a Blessed, Healthy Day!




P.S. Please share your health affirmation by posting your affirmation in the comment section below 🙂
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Health Affirmation – Positive Thinking

Healthy-Body-300x161Let’s create a healthy affirmation today.

Research shows that the cells in our body respond to the affirmations we say and the positive thoughts held in our mind.  As we think positive about our bodies the vibration of our cells actually shifts.

Here is today’s affirmation

“Thank you God for the food on my plate.  I am a healthy being, with a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy heart.”

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