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AffirmaJams Update – Living The Dream

At the Recording Studio

Living The Dream

Hello AffirmaJams Friends!!

So…I have great news for you!!

As you all know I am working on Volume 2 of AffirmaJams (the second album) and I am recording it professionally at the OC Recording Company with Asaf Fulks.

Last night, I recorded “This Is My Life” and let me tell you that it has been not only recorded at a higher quality sound, but, there are additions to the song that will Blow Your MIND!! If the song was already at a 10 (0-10 scale, 10 being the highest in value), this song is now a 15!!!

It’s Awesome!!

I can’t wait for you to hear and enjoy it 🙂

Thinking of you and your success!!

Have an AffirmaJam-ed Day!


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