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Affirmation Book – Perfect Stocking Stuffer!!

I found this great book of affirmations to help you transform your thinking and your mind. Think the Holiday’s are too busy for some Transformation? Then this book might be your golden ticket!

Check it out and tell me how the affirmation change goes!

P.S. This book makes a PERFECT stocking stuffer for teens and adults!

Have a Blessed day!

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You Are My Blessing

You Are My Blessing

At times we feel as if we lack personality or value when meeting new people or during interactions at family functions.

The truth is that we are extremely valued by others, regardless if the relationship is a familial relationship, work relationship, or friendship…

You add value to other people’s lives!!

You really do.

If you resonate with this…Below is a great affirmation for you to repeat:

“Everyone I meet is Blessed and a Blessing in my life!”

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Christmas is Here!

Christmas is here!

Christmas is here!

December 1st, The Begining of Christmas!

I’m so Grateful for Family, for Christmas Spirit, Christmas Trees and great treats. Most of all I am Grateful for Health and Love!

Today is a Gorgeous day, and I am Grateful for the beginning of celebrating Christmas!!


Have a Blessed Day!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

This is a special gift to let you know how much I appreciate you on this day.

May this gratitude meditation fill your heart with love and joy.

Click the play button below to begin.

To download this song to your computer simply click here: The Gratitude Song

Wishing You A Beautiful Day!
Irene & Mat

P.S. If you’re into positive music you’ll love this:


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Great Affirmation For Success

Cooperation-300x225If you’re purpose is to make a difference in the world, repeat this affirmation to yourself every morning.

Today’s Affirmation
“I place myself in situations where the effect I have is most needed.”

The impact we make and the compensation we receive skyrocket when our greatest gifts connect with those who need them most.

Please share below what affirmations you use for success?

Believing In You,

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What Is Affirmation? Mind Power

If you are wondering what an Affirmation is…


You are looking for positive affirmations to incorporate in your life…

You have come to the right place.

An Affirmation = Mind Power which is a phrase or a set of beliefs that a person repeats to themselves over and over in their mind or aloud. The reason that Affirmations are so powerful is because the more you repeat a new, positive phrase or re-configure an old belief to a new and positive belief, the more you are able to shift your mentality and gear into a healthier and more active mind-set.

In changing your negative, old beliefs to positive, new beliefs, you are able to overcome obstacles that appear in your life. Affirmations help you get over previous fears and bring forth new accomplishments…Mind Power!


I encourage you to re-write your old mind chatter and replace it with more positive, affirming text.

For Example:

Old Belief: “I am not good enough”

New Belief/Phrasing: “I am Perfectly made in the eyes of God. Whole, complete and Perfect!!”


The more you repeat, the more you will begin to believe your true, divine value!

I challenge you to exercise your Mind Power today.

Use Your Mind Power with Affirmations!

Use Your Mind Power with Affirmations!















Have a Blessed Day!

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