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What Is Affirmation? Mind Power

If you are wondering what an Affirmation is…


You are looking for positive affirmations to incorporate in your life…

You have come to the right place.

An Affirmation = Mind Power which is a phrase or a set of beliefs that a person repeats to themselves over and over in their mind or aloud. The reason that Affirmations are so powerful is because the more you repeat a new, positive phrase or re-configure an old belief to a new and positive belief, the more you are able to shift your mentality and gear into a healthier and more active mind-set.

In changing your negative, old beliefs to positive, new beliefs, you are able to overcome obstacles that appear in your life. Affirmations help you get over previous fears and bring forth new accomplishments…Mind Power!


I encourage you to re-write your old mind chatter and replace it with more positive, affirming text.

For Example:

Old Belief: “I am not good enough”

New Belief/Phrasing: “I am Perfectly made in the eyes of God. Whole, complete and Perfect!!”


The more you repeat, the more you will begin to believe your true, divine value!

I challenge you to exercise your Mind Power today.

Use Your Mind Power with Affirmations!

Use Your Mind Power with Affirmations!















Have a Blessed Day!

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