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AffirmaJams Update – Living The Dream

At the Recording Studio

Living The Dream

Hello AffirmaJams Friends!!

So…I have great news for you!!

As you all know I am working on Volume 2 of AffirmaJams (the second album) and I am recording it professionally at the OC Recording Company with Asaf Fulks.

Last night, I recorded “This Is My Life” and let me tell you that it has been not only recorded at a higher quality sound, but, there are additions to the song that will Blow Your MIND!! If the song was already at a 10 (0-10 scale, 10 being the highest in value), this song is now a 15!!!

It’s Awesome!!

I can’t wait for you to hear and enjoy it 🙂

Thinking of you and your success!!

Have an AffirmaJam-ed Day!


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Ideas From The Universe – Positive Affirmation


Ideas flow from Universe

Today is the day that I choose to design and create my dreams and goals. I set my intention for my greatest outcome and choose to take action steps for manifesting my dream.

Today’s Positive Affirmation:

“I allow creativity to flow through me. I am filled with Joy and I capture ideas that the Universe places in my conscious mind

so that I can add value and attract clients to my business! And so it is!”

Have a Blessed day!

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Affirmation Book – Perfect Stocking Stuffer!!

I found this great book of affirmations to help you transform your thinking and your mind. Think the Holiday’s are too busy for some Transformation? Then this book might be your golden ticket!

Check it out and tell me how the affirmation change goes!

P.S. This book makes a PERFECT stocking stuffer for teens and adults!

Have a Blessed day!

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Great Affirmation For Success

Cooperation-300x225If you’re purpose is to make a difference in the world, repeat this affirmation to yourself every morning.

Today’s Affirmation
“I place myself in situations where the effect I have is most needed.”

The impact we make and the compensation we receive skyrocket when our greatest gifts connect with those who need them most.

Please share below what affirmations you use for success?

Believing In You,

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