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You Are My Blessing

You Are My Blessing

At times we feel as if we lack personality or value when meeting new people or during interactions at family functions.

The truth is that we are extremely valued by others, regardless if the relationship is a familial relationship, work relationship, or friendship…

You add value to other people’s lives!!

You really do.

If you resonate with this…Below is a great affirmation for you to repeat:

“Everyone I meet is Blessed and a Blessing in my life!”

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Great Affirmation For Success

Cooperation-300x225If you’re purpose is to make a difference in the world, repeat this affirmation to yourself every morning.

Today’s Affirmation
“I place myself in situations where the effect I have is most needed.”

The impact we make and the compensation we receive skyrocket when our greatest gifts connect with those who need them most.

Please share below what affirmations you use for success?

Believing In You,

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