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Best Affirmation-ist, Must see for Positive Thinking!

If you need some inspiration for Affirmations to repeat to yourself, check out this YouTube Video of little Jessica. She is the epitome of what it is to Think Positively and affirm your way to a PHENOMENAL DAY!


This is a MUST SEE video….I promise it will make your day ūüôā

My inspiration; Little Affirmation Queen…

Much Affirmation Love!!

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Feelin’ Good!

Last night was the first night I slept well in a few weeks.

“I am so Happy and Grateful now that I am well rested. My Mind is clear, my emotions are aside and I am ready to rock this gorgeous Friday! I love my rested body!!”


Have a Blessed day!


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What is affirmation

Affirmations are ideas that you state to be true.  These phrases help you create new beliefs, and by shifting your beliefs you begin to shift the actions you take.  You being to act in ways that align with your new belief.  These new actions create new results.  Your new results create you new reality.  It all starts with affirmations.

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