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Positive thinking for Children

Many people have come to me stating that AffirmaJams has been a great tool for them to keep positive, stay motivated and hold focus on achieving their dream.
The second piece of information they share is that they often listen to AffirmaJams with their children nearby. Their children begin to sing, dance, even learn the lyrics to my songs!
Great Job Parents!!! For influencing your kids with positive music that they enjoy listening to!!

I was searching for a music book online, when I came across this wonderful book by Connie Bowen titled, “I Believe In Me.”

This book spoke to my inner child and my core. I know you will enjoy reading this book to your children. Equip them, now, with the right tools that will help them build a strong foundation of self-confidence.


Check it out below:

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AffirmaJams Update – Living The Dream

At the Recording Studio

Living The Dream

Hello AffirmaJams Friends!!

So…I have great news for you!!

As you all know I am working on Volume 2 of AffirmaJams (the second album) and I am recording it professionally at the OC Recording Company with Asaf Fulks.

Last night, I recorded “This Is My Life” and let me tell you that it has been not only recorded at a higher quality sound, but, there are additions to the song that will Blow Your MIND!! If the song was already at a 10 (0-10 scale, 10 being the highest in value), this song is now a 15!!!

It’s Awesome!!

I can’t wait for you to hear and enjoy it 🙂

Thinking of you and your success!!

Have an AffirmaJam-ed Day!


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