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To download your FREE AffirmaJam song simply “Right Click” on the link below and click “save link as” or “save target as”, and you can choose where you want to save this song on your computer.


AffirmaJams Free Song

If you like this song…you can get  the whole album here ==> AffirmaJams, Call To Action







“I love – love – love affiramajams! As a transformational life coach and conscious dance teacher one of my all time favorite things is to move and dance to uplifting positive music. Irene you have done a FANTASTIC – AMAZING job of giving us such incredible music! Every time I listen to this album I am inspired to take risks, to go for my dreams, and live my best life! YAY – Thank you so much! I love “Just Be” and “This Is My Life” – two of my all time favorite songs EVER!!! Great work, I am so glad I own this album – it is a real tool I use on a daily & weekly basis to stay tuned to my BEST self.”

~ Jennifer Joy Jimenez
Certified Transformational Life Coach
Creator of TranscenDance

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Irene Boggs – Creator of AffirmaJams


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